Friday, June 10, 2016

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The Heath Herald is a small non profit newspaper staffed by volunteers and published six times a year in Heath, Massachusetts. Issue dates are:

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Publication of the Heath Herald is supported in part by a grant from the Heath Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Heath Herald Direct Sales Box

The Direct Sales box in the lobby of the Town Hall has papers available to purchase following publication.  The supply is limited so get there soon.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heath Elementary School Sixth Grade - Class of 2013

The June/July 2013 issue (Volume 35, Number 2) is available now. Purchase your copy of this 24 page newspaper for only $1.50 in the lobby of Sawyer Hall (1 East Main Street, Heath).

Columnists:  Eric Glazier, Bill Lattrell, Pat Leuchtman, Donald Purington, Claire Rabbitt

Contributors:  Frank Birney, Peter Brown, Dianne Cerone, Pearl Churchill, Ruth Corey, Nancy Dole, Ada Duffy, Franklin County Solid Waste District, Sarah Forbes, Don Freeman, Virginia Gary, Seth Gilbertson, Heath School Staff & Students, Heath Union Church, Michelle Howe, Dave & Pegge Howland, Robin Jenkins, Lyra Johnson-Fuller, Ruth Johnson, LEC (Local Education Council), Sheila Litchfield, Justin Lively, Tim Lively, Lorena Loubsky, Jorie MacLeod, Connor McCutchen, Hazel Porter, Selectboard, Veronica Smead, Kathy Sprague, Mike Smith, Nancy Thane, Jodi Walsh, Ned Wolf

Table of Contents

  • Page 2:  Heath Herald masthead; Heath Union Church News; The Johnson Organ Restored and Installed
  • Page 3:  Mohawk 2013 Graduates:  Kyle Cardaropoli, Megan Donovan, Connor Steele-McCutchen, Norm Tatro
  • Page 4:  To Fiji and Beyond by Connor Steele-McCutchen (see Connor's "proxy graduation" photo taken aboard the Llyr); Recycling Information
  • Page 5:  Beech Notes: Thoughts on a High New England Ledge by Bill Lattrell (continued on page 6)
  • Page 6:  Cane Tradition by Ruth Corey
  • Page 7:  Heath Finance Committee by Don Freeman, Chair, and members; 4-H Franklin County Youth Fair by Nancy Dole; Dining with History event announcement by the Heath Historical Society
  • Page 8:  The Heath Herald to Continue with Exciting New Possibilities by 5 of the new volunteers; Letters to the Editors by Ruth Johnson, Dave and Pegge Howland, Hazel Porter, Peter Brown and Family, Frank and Betty Birney
  • Page 9:  Heath as Pleasure Ground by Pat Leuchtman; The Annual Rose Viewing invitation from Pat and Henry Leuchtman
  • Page 10:  GO WEST, YOUNG MAN... by Ruth Landstrom Law Johnson, Ada Landstrom Duffy, and Pearl Landstron Churchill
  • Page 11:  Advertisements
  • Page 12:  Support Heath Agriculture Advertisements
  • Page 13:  Heath Fair News by Justin Lively
  • Page 14:  Heath School by Eric Glazier, Principal;  LEC Update by Lorena Loubsky
  • Page 15:  Middles (Grades 3/4) by Jorie MacLeod; Grades 5/6 by Seth Gilbertson; The Prime Red News (Grades 1/2) by Virginia Gary; Prime Blues (Preschool and Kindergarten) by Sarah Forbes, Michelle Howe, and Veronica Smead
  • Page 16:  Library Columns Past and Present by Donald Purington; Time to "Dig Into Reading" by Lyra Johnson-Fuller
  • Page 17:  Heath Business Directory; Advertisements
  • Page 18:  Advertisements
  • Page 19:  Antibiotic Resistance. by Claire Rabbitt, RN; Avon Walk for Breast Cancer by Jodi Walsh
  • Page 20:  Selectboard's Report by the Heath Selectboard (Thomas Lively, Brian De Vriese, Sheila Litchfield); Photo: Town Offices' Refinished Floor by Sheila Litchfield
  • Page 21:  Marvin J. Shippee Community Service Award Presented to Thomas Lively by Sheila Litchfield; Photo: Heath Hawks (rookie ball team) by Lorena Loubsky
  • Page 22:  Milestones; Heath People in the News; From RN to BSN in a Year by Mike Smith
  • Page 23:   Community CalendarHeath's Monthly Precipitation (Observed by Heath School Staff and Students) by Timothy Lively
  • Page 24: Advertisements; Quotation: "There's a trick to the "graceful exit." It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over - and let it go. It means leaving what's over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives." - Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Syndicated Columnist for the Boston Globe